As a veteran airsoft player, you’ve used all airsoft gun types.  However, this post is just focused on those who starting the sport. In this article, we will show the basic differences between some types of airsoft guns.

If you are the gun, you may like the automatic electric guns. And, a Gas powered airsoft gun is more suitable for those who are a keen sniper. Keep reading our article to learn about the differences between an electric and gas-powered airsoft gun.


An airsoft gun mainly aims to fire plastic projectiles like BBs. As mentioned above the mechanics as well as workings behind Spring, Gas, and Electric powered rifles are different.

They can make a big difference when playing with them.

Electric Airsoft Gun

These airsoft guns are designed for airsoft fields around the world. These airsoft guns are available in many different sizes, shapes, as well as models.

This unit operates on an on-board battery that is the same as ones used in helicopters, R/C Cars, and more. Because of the way this unit is powered, it can offer you a very high ROF like 28 RPS.

This is one of the most popular models in the market. It requires you to routinely charge to use it. It comes with a spring.

Moreover, it also comes with additional features like the gearbox. Therefore, you will get extra power for your shot.



Gas Powered Airsoft Gun

This model utilizes the power of gas. Then, it propels the BB down the barrel. It fills the magazine with Gas kept from escaping thanks to a valve placed at the top of the gun.

This airsoft gun is sure to give you the recoil felt when firing. The gas-powered airsoft gun is known as one of the first airsoft guns ever made. By using to power them, you can restrict the type of gas.

We recommend you to avoid choosing red gas since it violates US EPA regulations. Instead, you should use green gas guns for safety. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric airsoft pistols any good?

If you want to get not only realism but also functionality, you should look for the best electric airsoft guns.

The fact is that an electric airsoft gun is more accurate than a blowback airsoft pistol due to the consistency. And, you will get the realism that it’s hard to find in an AEPS.

Do airsoft guns kill? 

If you use an airsoft gun in normal uses, it is not likely to kill. However, you have to always be careful.

Otherwise, this gun may take out an eye. You may be killed in the cases someone shoot you in response for your threatening. 

Can I use BB guns in airsoft?

It is not a good idea to use a BB gun in an airsoft game. Moreover, you also should avoid using metal BBs in your airsoft gun.

The reason is that they are not safe for you. Also, this gun propels a heavier projectile compared to a traditional airsoft gun.


Well, all of them are fun, right? However, you still need to make a better choice based on your conditions as well as constraints.

Now, you had a good idea of the differences between an electric and gas-powered airsoft gun. Hopefully, it can help you choose the best one for you with ease.

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